PDC Adds New Acrylic Color Option
to its Line-up “Smokey Mountain”

We are happy to announce an exciting new color to our line-up of hot tub acrylic finishes, Smokey Mountain. This new color embraces warm earthy tones in an attractive swirl of colors and would look perfect in most backyard yardscapes.

It is standard on our Luxury Series models and optional on Premium and LifeStyle series spas. Stop by your nearest PDC Spas retailer's showroom and check it out in person!

Spokane County Fair Draws Swim Spa and Hot Tub Buyers

Country Power Homes of Spokane, WA attended the local County Fair on this Fall and reported a highly successful event with dozens of sales and hundreds of customer contacts interested in adding a swim spa or hot tub to their home in the next few months. Home relaxation in the comfort and safety of their own backyard was top of mind for shoppers as the growing demand to stay home and stay healthy drove the interest in swim and fitness spas.

The PDC Spas brand as Swim Spa of the Year was a draw over other brands as a quality American Made product with factory and local support offered by this respected retailer. Country Power Homes dis- played 10 hot tubs and 2 operating swim spas with social media posts and local TV commercials all contributing to their successful outcome. Congratulations!

Elko Billiards Spas and Pools Showcases
PDC Spas to Thousands at Annual Festival

Elko’s second annual pep rally and festival had over 2,000 people in attendance! They displayed PDC swim spas and had one of the local high school’s swim team participate. They swam in the spa for the entire event from 10:00 am to 3:00 PM. Having swimmers in the spa was a huge hit! Not only for the swim team but patrons that attended the event were drawn in by the action! The swim coach attended the entire day and was super excited about future opportunities for her athletes to be able to swim at events. She said that this was an opportunity for her kids to practice so it was a WIN WIN for everyone.

We congratulate Elko for having the resources in place to better serve their customers, offering the chance to see the swim spas in action and answer their questions.  We look forward to next year’s event and are excited to continue our successful relationship.

Spaulding Pools Tours PDC Factory

“The tour provided so much insight into understanding why PDC Spas are a high quality product. I appreciated seeing the care and effort that have been put into the design. The sales training was informational and practical. Each of us walked away feeling more confident in being able to speak with customers and sell the product.”

“We also greatly enjoyed the opportunity to try the swim spa. Please tell your team that everyone did a great job!”

Swim and Fitness Spas. Renew, Relax, Repeat.

Our collection of swim and fitness spas are the pinnacle of performance and style providing improved wellness and a better quality of life conveniently at home. With a PDC Spas swim or fitness spa just footsteps away, you can achieve your personal health and exercise goals with the added resistance of our TruSwim® dual propulsion hydraulic, superior jetted swim or fitness currents. With a variety of lengths, current styles and exercise features, your spa is customized to fit you and your home. Simply swim, run, walk or perform your favorite aquatic exercise on your own schedule and enjoy your improved lifestyle.