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Unwind and Relax Naturally

The Natural Stress Reliever

Have you ever noticed how the body and mind are instantly calmed when starring at a lake or walking on a beach? Our bodies are comprised of more than 70% water, making it understandable that we feel more at home when surrounded by it. If spending time in a natural body of water is out of the question, swimming or engaging in aquatic exercises can be just as effective. Numerous studies have showcased the link between swimming and stress reduction, and others suggest simply being connected to water an excellent way to provide peace, calm and clarity.

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Promotes Relaxation & Tension Relief

We'll begin with the most obvious, as while it's known that hot tubs and swim spas are relaxing. However, there's a lot going on at the biological level that most people don't notice. There's a direct connection between the proteins and amino acids used to make muscle tissue, and the brain, which relies heavily on healthy, functioning neurotransmitters. When a person is in a state of chronic stress, the entire body suffers. It's one of the reasons why those with depression report feeling sore. Hot tub therapy can ease the muscles and promote better delivery of the protein neurotransmitters needed to encourage a healthy mindset.

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Increased Endorphin Release

Endorphins such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine all play a key role in how happy or unhappy a person will be. It's been suggested that the mere act of relaxing can help trigger the production and utilization of these mood-supporting chemicals. Many people who own hot tubs and swim spas report improved sleep patterns, more energy during the day and an increased ability to handle busy routines and daily stressors.

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More Efficient Nutrient Delivery

Few realize that we are literally at the mercy of the nutrients we take in each day. When they are missing from the diet, or unable to be delivered to the organ system in question, the body responds by borrowing them from other tissues. This creates a dangerous cycle that can quickly lead to nutrient deficiency, low energy, weakness and of course, mental stress. Many studies have demonstrated that hot tub use promotes increased circulation, which allows nutrients to be more efficiently utilized throughout the body, including the nutrient-demanding cognitive centers.

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