mother and child in splash series hot tub fitness spa with water droplets

Why Choose Splash

 The Splash series offers a remarkable spa experience that caters to various lifestyles, making it the perfect choice for families, party enthusiasts and everyone in between. With a focus on simplicity and convenience, the Splash Series embodies our commitment to providing our customers with the ultimate in performance, reliability and American made craftsmanship.

Who is the Splash Series Designed For?


  • Individuals with HOA restrictions, as the Splash Series is compact and attractive. 

  • Homeowners who want to avoid the costly and time-consuming upkeep of a pool.

  • Those looking for a versatile spa that combines the benefits of a hot tub and fitness spa. 

  • Consumers seeking a year-round spa experience with its efficient design for all seasons. 

  • Budget-conscious customers who prefer a more affordable alternative to a pool. 

  • Families and party enthusiasts seeking a spa for gatherings and entertainment. 


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product image of the baja15 splash series model hot tub
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How Does Splash Benefit My Lifestyle?

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief.
  • Entertainment for all ages; toddlers, parents, empty nesters and retirees.
  • Unique design features 23" or 26" from bench seat to suggested water level assuring relaxing comfort for a chat and refreshing beverage.
  • Family bonding; quality time without devices.
  • Hydrotherapy for sore muscles and joints and a better nights' sleep. 
  • Fitness; low impact aquatic exercise options with the Elite ProTM resistance jet. 

Say Goodbye to Stress and Tension

With up to 67 hydrotherapy jets, relaxing in a PDC Spas® Splash is the ultimate in effective, natural relief for your entire body and mind. Thousands of air bubbles combine with warm water to caress the body parts that suffer the brunt of the day. Specifically selected ReflectionsTM jets, trimmed in brilliant stainless steel, are positioned at strategic body points offering healing therapy to shoulders, neck, back, legs and down to the feet! Select the pictures to see video of the jets and waterspouts in use. 

water spout in PDC Spas Splash series model   hyrdotherapy jets in splash hybrid spa model
fitness jet in hybrid splash series baja model

Burn Calories and Build Muscle

The powerful, adjustable Elite ProTM Fitness jet assures you enjoy the water fitness routine of your choice. With a gentle walk or jog, building muscle is enhanced with the natural resistance of the water and added resistance of the fitness jet. Water has greater resistance than air, which means walking in water requires more effort and ultimately burns more calories than walking on land. Add the convenience and privacy of Splash in your own backyard and getting fit and healthy becomes enjoyment, not a chore. Select the picture to see the Elite ProTM Fitness jet in action.

Easy Operation: More Time for Fun

Menu-driven, ProViewTM control features an easy-to-read LCD screen, controlling water temperature, pump operation, lighting features, clock settings, filter cycles and more. PDC Spas® is proud to offer this recent technology, similar to an iPad or tablet for familiar ease of use and reliability. The backlit screen is a great feature for nighttime spa soaking. PristineTM filtration effectively and efficiently assures water is clean and sanitized for relaxation anytime you choose. EverPureTM ozone sanitation system introduces this natural powerful oxidizer, assuring water is clean and pure. The unique EverLiteTM feature indicates the system is hard at work.

splash series fitness hot tub model control panel
woman soaking in hot tub in snow

Efficient and Economical Year-Round Enjoyment

Recycle and recirculate, our green-minded energy saving innovation TemperLokTM, recycles trapped warmed air from pump waste heat to efficiently keep your Splash spa warm and ready in every season. The insulated TemperBaseTM floor and side walls hold the warm air in the cavity for a warmer shell and plumbing minimizing energy consumption.

Step Up Your Fitness Routine

The versatile AquaForceTM system, exclusive to PDC Spas®, offers a range of exercises to target upper body and core muscle groups. Customizing your workout with beginner, intermediate and advanced moves is quick and easy offered as an option in the SplashTM Series models.

AquaCrossTM system enhances a variety of fitness and swim routines to increase muscle and burn more calories. This easy-to-use resistance tether provides counter resistance and stability to boost your training results. Optional on the BAJA15 model.

man in water lifting weights and smiling
splashtrax non-slip hot tub step mats   splashpak non-slip mats for entire splash interior

Enhance Your Exercise and Enjoyment

Add style and safety to your SplashTM Series model with the slip resistant SplashTraxTM step treads and SplashPakTM options. Confidently enter and exit your Splash spa with this cushioned, textured material underfoot. The SplashPakTM feature includes the bench seats and floor dressed in this SwimDek® material for shock absorbency while exercising and comfortable relaxation on facing bench seats. It not only looks great but offers safety and versatility for the optimum enjoyment.  

Enjoy Fun and Fitness with PDC Spas® Splash Series

Easy enjoyment, year-round excitement. 

Embark on a journey of excitement and wellness with PDC Spas® Splash models, expertly designed to provide family-friendly fun and relaxation. Featuring two dynamic models, both proudly made in the USA and backed by an industry-leading 35-year warranty, these spas are ideal for groups and offer a harmonious blend of fitness jet and hydrotherapy jet experiences. Whether you're pursuing invigorating workouts or moments of pure relaxation, our Splash models ensure endless enjoyment for you and your loved ones, turning your home into the hub of aquatic joy and well-being.